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Sheet Composting in the Cold – Not for the Faint of Heart!

February 8, 2014 was a chilly day in Waynesville, Missouri.  Snow was on the ground and the below-freezing temperature just wouldn’t budge.

A few brave souls ventured out into what is to become the new Master Gardener demonstration kitchen garden and started a sheet composting project.  We gathered up some cardboard, pulled off the tape, and then put the cardboard on the ground, overlapping the edges about six inches.

WP_000956Preparing the Cardboard

Cardboard Layer Going Down
The Cardboard Layer Going Down

We have several straw bales gathered from fall displays around town and the plan was to spread the straw over the cardboard.  The bales, however, were so frozen that we did not get too far!

To Be Continued!
To Be Continued!




Here’s a shot of the garden area a week later:

The snow went away but it still was not above freezing; once again it was too cold to work.

We have a presentation on sheet composting scheduled for March 1, 2014. Weather permitting, we’ll get out into the garden and try again!