Lasagna Mulching

The Pulaski County Master Gardeners had a small area that was a native demonstration bed next to the Waynesville Community Garden. Below is a picture of the group lasagna mulching this bed.  This process uses biodegradable materials to amend the soil instead of tilling. The garden bed below shows layers of cardboard topped with shredded newspaper, leaves, straw, and grass clippings. If you were to do this in your yard, you could also add kitchen waste and manure to increase organic matter in the soil.


Lasagna mulching, or sheet mulching, is a slow process that can take six months or longer to decompose enough to allow planting.

It is something that would be good to do in the fall so that the layers add a much needed layer of warmth to the plants during the winter while also breaking down so tat come springtime, the ground would be good to plant inughout the season as well as provide a much needed layer of warmth to the ground.

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