Demonstration Garden

This is the design for the Pulaski County Demonstration Garden located at the Waynesville Farmers Market near the RV Park. 

A demonstration garden is defined as a landscape or garden planting designed and maintained under the supervision of a horticulture  agent/program for the purpose of teaching horticultural principles and practices. In other words, the development of an outdoor classroom used to teach others how to garden. Demonstration gardens are primarily used to enhance horticulture programming by providing a means for a hands-on learning experiences. Not only is this type of garden effective as an educational delivery method, but it also provides an opportunity for meaningful volunteer service. 

Due to their tangible, real-life nature, gardens can enhance learning in many ways. As mentioned above, one of the top ways theses gardens are used is during workshops and classes to provide audiences with hands-on experience of the subject matter being taught. In the future, Pulaski County Master Gardeners will be using our garden to teach many different topics. Some of them may be: Food Production, Right Plant, Right Place,  Composting, Use of Native Plants in Your Landscape, Creating Wildlife Habitats, Pollinator Preservation,  or Landscape Design Principles.

Master Gardener programs across the country are developing gardens as outdoor classrooms. Master Gardeners reach out to many different types of people. We reach homeowners, other Master Gardeners, and kids. Some people are experienced and others are not.

In June of 2019, the Pulaski County Master Gardeners laid out the basic structure of or new Demonstration Garden. We started by planning out the bones of the plan. We used rocks from a local quarry for the be border.

The beginning of the Demo Garden

In the picture above, you can see a metal pole on the left. In that area will be a sitting area that visitors can use to reflect on the garden. At the very back of the photo above, will be a raised bed that will be used for vegetables. Each area designated by the rocks will be different. The one bed that is planted now demonstrates annuals and perennials. There is also a rose bush in the middle of that bed.

This is the first bloom on the rose that was planted.

As things grow and new things are added to the garden, more info will listed here.

Please  keep  watching for  updates!!