Waynesville Farmers Market

We will have a booth at the Farmers Market every Saturday from July 20, 2019 through August 31, 2019. The Market opens at 8am. We will not be selling anything but great information! 

Here, we will try and answer any of your questions you have about gardening,  talk about our Core Class coming up, or if you just want to “talk shop” we are here!  We would be happy to see you!

Here we are in late spring talking about container gardening. We were located next to the covered pavilion on this day.
On July 20, 2019 we only 1 volunteer today, the picture taker! We have moved our booth to be up on the “grassy knoll” so that we can give tours of the garden under construction.
On July 27, 2019 I brought the family today. SSG Michael Olmstead assisted with manning the booth. We spoke to many great people that day about the Demonstration Garden!